Dirk Rop

My goals and how we'll reach them

Dirk Rop Introduction

My name is Dirk Rop I am a male born on 1959-06-03 I live in the Netherlands My occupation is webmaster my father is Jack Rop . I am linking two of his websites on this page for more info see frequently used. After a carreer of a system manager,I have reinvented myself as a webdesigner.

Dirk Rop occupation

In the recent years I (Dirk Rop) have worked very hard to obtain knowledge about creating interactive websites ,my exploring covered css3 html5 I have had education in how to use css html from Lynda.com and Video2brain. The last two years I have learned php oop with mysql. I use dreamweaver cs5.5 from Abobe to create my websites. For people like me who are used to look at code, it is better to start learning code than to learn a content management system like joomla that manipulated css and code.Nevertheless I was very impressed with Magento a content management system for webshops. The last 2 months I have been working on a site called ,it includes pictures I took in asia over the last 5 year during my holidays.I joined a affiliation program and for the last week I have been doing some search engine optimization to get an high rankings. I also followed a Google adword course. I also create another website devoted to my father Jack Rop ,and I am the webmaster of the website , and I also created a website about buddhisme , I also created a website My goal is to find work as a webdesigner or webmaster, system manager ,analytics or adword currently I am doing some serious seo on

For more details on my profile please download it from this website currently available in dutch and english.


if you are interested please let me know