My main source of knowledge

Lynda Weinman owner and founder of

My main source of information is, here you will find a long list of courses you can do,not only regarding web design but also other subject, like for example photograpy. It is mainly video tutorial everything is explain very clear and easy going. The tutorials come with many examples. I would very much recommend this website, there is a link on this website available in the left corner

I have also embarked on a PHP training provided by the LOI , I am not satisfied about this training ,the teachers approach the customers as if they are 15,if you upload correct code for assignments it is not recognized as correct code because it is not copied out of the book. If you confront the teacher with this they become very grumpy and refuse to admit that they are wrong. The book they use is poorly translated, and examples in the book are sometimes full of errors. Your not able to complain ,you can only make remarks on their website. It does not cover object oriented programming in PHP.

For more detail of my education you can download my profile from this website ,the copy is currently in Dutch ,but I will provide one in english in the near future