My Hobbies

Looking out over Dirk rop

In my spare time I like to watch TV, my favourites shows are The apprentice BBC news. If I can't find a show to watch ,I download it from the internet and watch it on my computer.

I also work out,I do this two or tree time a week,I need this because otherwise I would grow very fat

I also like to read ,everything that I can find from hacking wifi to deepak chopra ,my favorite author is John Irvin.

An I used to do a lot of cycling,I try to pick this up again,and ride through the groningen country side.

And off course I love to travel ,my favorate part of the world is azia and my favorate country is malysia.

I also maintain the web site of my father Jacobus Rop were I show some of his work he made during his life,in the near future I would like to upgrade this site to a professional picture show.