The Lottery

Period 1992-1998

Employer cartoon

After working for several agencies I started to work for the dutch lottery as an operator on a vax-vms system.

Because the peek of the workload was during early ours and late in the evening ,I was able to learn about scripting using dcl.First I created check script for the daily startup .

Before the check was done manually ,it was a very vulnerable procedure,using automatic check scripts improved the speed of starting the systems considerable,and reduced the errors ,improving the uptime of the systems.

During the evening time the outcome of two systems needed to be balanced,this was done using a spreadsheet program by using output from several different listings that where printed during the evening. I created a dcl script that balanced the output entirely automatically,hereby reducing the time spent on balancing ,and improving the batch proces considerable.

After I discovered that it was possible to create indexed files using dcl with so called fdl files ,I created an invoice program that displayed information on screen and was able to print invoices.This progran was used by every departement in the lottery

Later my methodes where implemented by other lotteries ,including ireland ,and the u.k.